BISON LAM – Laminated Wood Particle Board for A.S.K 3 Star Steel’s Luxury Cot


Bison Wood Particle Board which is used in A.S.K 3 Star Steels Luxury cots is a German Technology Product, cement bonded particle board made out of 62% Cement & 28% Wood, fully laminated and is called as Bison Lam. The wood used is of fast-growing species like Eucalyptus & Poplar. Due to adoption of a special manufacturing process, the panel acquires the strength & durability of cement, & the easy work-ability of wood - a combination of qualities absent in other plywood boards.

   The Technology of the cement bonded particle board has originally been developed by Bison Werke of Germany and is the latest among the techniques developed for the manufacture of Particle Boards. This Board is the outcome of decades of research abroad and is the major breakthrough in developing a Multi Purpose Particle Board that can overcome all most all the setbacks that are normally found in many Particle Boards.

This Board is a proven product for several decades in many countries like USA, UK, Germany, Middle and East Europe and it is new to India and NCL has introduced it for the first time in India. 

Laminated Bison boards are available in a range of colours and designs with both sides. Pre-laminated Bison Panels are manufactured under the Brand name BISON LAM. Bison Lam contributes to interior grade qualities like fire, water, termite and fungus resistance of the plain Bison Panel with a beautiful look and finishes of a laminated board.

Bison Lam is available in shades like Natural Teak, Wenge, Maple, Pine and many wood pattern designs.

The Lamination surface is impermeable to moisture and highly resistant to staining from Tea, Coffee, Washing Powder, Detergents etc. The surface can be cleaned with a wet cloth.



Bison has excellent dimensional stability in variable ambient temperatures & humidity conditions. The swelling in thickness after 2 hours of immersion in water is 1% & after 24 hours immersion is only 1.5%. Longitudinal & transverse swelling will be approximately 0.3% for change in relative humidity of air from 30% to 95% at 20 deg Celsius.


Due to dense monolithic structure, installations throughout the world show that even without sealing, the cement bonded particle board suffers insignificant deterioration when exposed to extreme climatic conditions. The board can withstand any temperature from -40 to +90 deg. C. 


Bison Panel board is a high-density product & its weight is its strength. Its high density is 1250 Kgs per cubic meters &, consequently, it has high compressive strength of 15 Newtons per square mm. To illustrate, a 50 mm thick Bison panel wall made with two 10 mm thick Bison boards added on either side of a thin, light gauge steel framework is able to take a vertical load of 1100 Kgs plus / per foot run of its length. This is not possible with other medium or light density boards. Bison Panel is all Proof and all in one grade.


Bison Panel is highly fire resistant & has been classified as an incombustible material in many countries around the globe. Tested in accordance with BS 476 - Fire test on building materials & structures, Parts 6, 7 have classified it as a class 'O' building board with class 1 surface spread of flame. 


With cement constituting 62% of its composition, Bison offers excellent resistance to weather. The board has been subjected to many cycles of soaking, freezing, & heating without any sign of disintegration.


Due to mineralisation of wood particles by cement, Bison Panel is resistant to termite & vermin attack. It also does not support fungal growth. Untreated samples exposed to contact with ground surface for several years have no sign of rot or decay. As Cement is the main constituent in the matrix of the board, Bison Panel is as weather resistant as any other Cement Product. Since the Wood particles in the board are mineralized and get coated with Cement, they are NOT affected by Termites .

Building Research Institute in Watford, England have conducted Long Term Watering Tests on Bison Panels. It was established that strips of Bison Panel when exposed to weather at 20° C and 65% RH, the strength of the Bison Panel has a slightly increased in the first three years. When ;it was tested after 15 years there was no change in the original strength. It is interesting to note that these tests were conducted on unprotected naked board strips. Such high durability is rarely noticed in other boards.


Bison Panel is manufactured by an irreversible process combining cement & wood particles into a chemically stable building material which maintains its strength with time & exposure to elements. The board is unaffected by many dilute chemicals such as brines, bleaches, detergents, & chlorine solutions.


Bison Panels is a German Technology Product, and is the best Cement Bonded Wood Particle Board available in India. It is excellent in Quality has wide range of Multifarious Applications, Sustainable to all Weather Conditions, Environmental / Eco-friendly Easy to handle; and most Cost Effective. It may be summarized that it is as strong as a Cement Product and as workable as wood thus making it as an excelling Cement Board for durable home furniture items.

Bison Panel is first choice of the Architects, designers, developers, wood furniture companies and all households because of its properties of termite, fire and moisture resistance. It is strong as cement, durable and easy to work like wood and plywood.








ISO Certified

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