Single Cot

A.S.K 3 Star Steels Single cot comes with a sophisticated design combining the classic elegant looks of wood, greater strengths of steel along with easy maintenance and safety of modern furniture. 

This Premium Single Cot is manufactured using super premium quality steel either from TATA Steel or JSW and through world class technologies ensuring high tenacity and perfect structure.

Single Cot Size -  3 Feet (2 Tier Single Cot is available as well).

Single Cot Type - Steel Pipe Structure with Steel Bed

Single Cot 3ft Steel

A.S.K 3 Star Steels

₹4,500 Ex Tax: ₹4,500

Single Cot 3ft Steel

The A.S.K. 3ft Steel Single Cot is completely made of steel - Steel pipe frame, Steel bed and decorative Steel head and foot boards. This novel design is much stronger due to a gri..

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